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Name:William J. Bowman

William J. Bowman is a 6th Ph.D. candidate in the College of Computer and Information Science (specializing in programming languages) at Northeastern University. Broadly speaking, he is interested in making it easier for programmers to communicate their intent to machines, and preserving that intent through the stages of compilation. More specifically, his research interests include secure and verified compilation, dependently typed programming, verification, and meta-programming. His recent work examines type-preserving compilation of dependently typed programming language like Coq, a technique that can enable preserving security and correctness invariants of verified software through compilation and statically enforcing those invariants in the low-level (assembly-like) code generated by compilers.

Country:United States
Affiliation:Northeastern University, USA
Research interests:secure and verified compilation, type-preserving compilation, dependently typed programming, verification, meta-programming


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